Leading People Summit.
April 21-22, 2020.
Conference Overview Speakers Agenda Insights
Conference Overview Speakers Agenda Insights
Leading People Summit.
April 21-22, 2020.
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Preparing Your People Division for an AI World

No one doubts that artificial intelligence (AI) is proving ever-more reliable at predicting what groceries you’re likely to buy, which movie you’d enjoy watching and how you’d normally answer an email. Few doubt that it has enormous potential in areas such as diagnosing illness and powering self-driving vehicles.

But in managing people? 

In a world of artificial intelligence, management is more important than ever 

Canals, Jordi; Heukamp, Franz

When is artificial intelligence (AI) a viable replacement for human intelligence? How does AI change the nature of the firm? And in a world propelled by big data and increased mechanization, what kinds of leaders do we need?

Artificial Intelligence, Real Leadership
Will artificial intelligence force us to rethink business in the decades  to come, or will it fall short of all the hype? Here, a look at what executives need to know. 
How prepared is your business to make the most of AI?
Zamora, Javier; Herrera, Pedro
Artificial intelligence (AI), once the sole preserve of dystopian novels and sci-fi movies, is now a hot topic among business leaders wondering how it might transform or impact their business models. But what does "artificial intelligence" mean?