Phoenix Initiative
Shape the Future
Phoenix Initiative The Experience Faculty Why IESE?
Phoenix Initiative The Experience Faculty Why IESE?
Phoenix Initiative
Shape the Future
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The experience 

Gain insights through live sessions with professors and expert speakers. Receive unbiased recommendations and fresh ideas on your own real-world challenges through a CEO peer-advice methodology, and benefit from a powerful network that will collaborate & learn together. All of this is designed and delivered by a business school that has been ranked #1 in the world for Executive Education by the Financial Times for a record-breaking six straight years

Join us for an intense, fast-paced and inspiring initiative that is designed to immerse yourself and discover how the whole is more than the sum of all the parts.

Assessing the New Landscape and Organizational Realities

Inspiration & Disruption
- Accelerated Decision-Making
- Strategy Amid Uncertainty
- Economics, Finance, Cash & Liquidity Management

Strategizing for the Future
- Digital Leadership
- Managing Disruptions in Supply Chains
- Leadership in the New Paradigm
- How to Shift to an Agile Operation System

& Leading People for Collaborative Action
Give & Take Dynamic
- New How

- Boosting Entrepreneurial Spirit & Creativity
- Communication

Future Ready
The World Tomorrow: Industry 4.0 & Robotics
- Future Readiness